Not exactly, but a new study by Cary Frydman and colleagues published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society examine variation in MAOA, DRD4, and 5-HTT, which are genes that affect either the breakdown or transport of the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine (both of which can affect things like aggression, risk-taking and risk aversion, and anxiety). As laid out in the summary of the study in the journal Nature, Frydman and colleagues found that individuals with a particular variant of the MAOA gene were more likely to make better finanical decisions in risky circumstances.

It would be interesting to screen World Series of Poker winners for MAOA gene variants…


Frydman, C., Camerer, C., Bossaerts, P., Rangel, A. (in press). MAOA-L carriers are better at making optimal financial decisions under risk. Proceedings of the the Royal Society (Biological Sciences).